Fashion coats: trends for autumn-winter

Fashion coats: trends for autumn-winter

The jackets is one of the most used garments to protect against the cold during the winter season, likewise it is used as an ideal complement for the outfit in the fall. Fashion jackets vary according to the season of the year, however, there are some like those made in camouflage print or military style will never go unnoticed for any occasion.

This garment combines perfectly with almost all pants. In the case of girls with tight jeans or a casual dress can make a difference. For these autumn-summer months, flower prints are a classic, so you can play with both tones and textures to look radiant. In men, the coat can be worn over a long sleeve dress shirt and it can also have a motive like the pictures, these garments will bring an interesting and sophisticated touch to go to work or just attend an informal meeting.

Fashion coats that can not miss this season:

First of all, one of the favorite coats is located by both the girls and the boys, it is the one made of leather fabric. This model is an icon of fashion for more than 100 years and is that most people associate this garment with a bold, rebellious and spontaneous attitude. Many Hollywood stars have worn body jackets to represent their roles, such is the case of Marlon Brando in the 1953 film " The Wild One ". Other artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley have also worn on stage some combination with leather jackets that identify with their musical style.

It should be noted that leather jackets are very durable if they are properly cared for. To keep them in good condition, you should only use a dry cloth to remove the dust, then if there are some stains you can moisten the cloth a bit with water to leave the leather surface completely clean. If the fabric becomes dull or dull, the solution is to take a cotton ball with baby oil and moisturize the skin. Another very useful recommendation is not to expose the jacket for a long time in the sun, as it could change tone.

Leather coats for women

Denim jackets are the best alternative for the whole year, since it has many different models and patterns that can make an oufit change immediately. In the case of women have many different alternatives, including wearing the trendy coat with a pair of pants of the same color, preferably the denim tone should be dark and tight to the body, while the upper part may be a little more loose body.

Likewise, using this piece with a long skirt is an interesting combination that integrates the best elements of the casual style with the clothes necessary for a formal touch. The key to show off this feminine attire, but at the same time very fashionable is to select the most appropriate and fun accessories such as: striking bracelets or necklaces, even if it is a bright day with sunny weather a subtle and simple hat can work .

Fashion coats for them:

The jeans jackets for men are not far behind in terms of versatility and elegance, some more conservative gentlemen choose to wear a hipster look , what really makes the difference of this trend are the other garments. For example, a thin unicoloured tie or a simple pattern makes the perspective change completely. With boots or slippers, depending on the occasion will attract the eyes of everyone.

Unlike the denim on denim that women use, in men it is recommended that the denim tones be different, in the same way the shirt must be of another tone so that they stand out. A plaid garment can be the ideal choice for a casual date or a walk during the day.

Men's Jeans Jacket  

Because of how close the start of the 2018 World Cup is , many men choose to wear a shirt of their favorite team, it is advisable to wear a one-color shirt so that the contrast is not too flashy. A pair of lenses or a cap can be the ideal complements for this football season and thus you can protect yourself from the sun.

Another alternative for the autumn- winter season of this year are the fashion jackets that are made in fabric, many people prefer the raincoats because in addition to protecting from the cold are really useful at the time of a drizzle. The most important thing is to look for a style that is comfortable and intrepid to go out in style.

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