Relax from the daily routine! Create your own spa at home

Relax from the daily routine! Create your own spa at home

Surely you are a busy person who has several commitments and managements during the day but it is good that in such accelerated times, spend a few minutes to be with yourself, relax and pamper yourself with beauty treatments that you can perform with varied quality products and equipment that they do not require a large investment to use them in the tranquility of your home building your own spa.

Start by preparing a space inside your home where you feel comfortable to perform a skin cleanse, take a bath, among other options, plus you have the facility to place your items to massage and products such as essential oil, soaps , creams and accessories, candles, diffusers, flowers, towels, incense, even the drink of your choice.

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Consider having good lighting, in some cases you can regulate it to create a more intimate atmosphere. On the other hand, if you do not want everything to be about you, you can involve your partner in this activity so that they strengthen the bond with pleasant conversations, affection and care between both that fan the romance and serve as a preamble for a loving encounter between the couple. Change the dynamics in each home spa session so that it does not become boring and on the contrary, feel interest in doing it again.

Useful tips for your spa

One of the alternatives that can be interesting, is that you fill the tub with water at the temperature you want, add some salt or liquid soap with fragrance, immerse yourself in a delicious foam bath and stay a while to relax your muscles. Some people like to add items such as pearls that melt in water, oats, milk, bath bombs or oils for their properties in terms of skin cleanliness and nutrition.

Another suggestion is the face masks of mud, honey, almonds, cucumber, yogurt or seaweed that in some cases need gentle massages or, failing that, apply them to the face, let them act and remove with water and a wet wipe. The results are varied such as hydration, exfoliation, firming, etc. Use a vegetable fiber sponge to remove impurities such as dead cells to renew the surface of the skin to have a healthier and more attractive appearance.

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It is important to renew at home with good beauty treatments

It is necessary to disconnect from stress and responsibilities even for a short time because that will make you recharge energy, feel good about yourself, with your mental and emotional health.

Meditate and appreciate each part of your body, see what care you can give him such as, for example, your feet that are responsible for supporting the weight of your body and your hands that make possible so many manual tasks in your day to day. AtiƩndelos by means of a manicure and pedicure, removing the remains of enamel that you may have or the excess of cuiticula, massaging them, removing the surplus of skin and placing a new tone on your nails.

Steam treatments are good because they expand the pores and cleaning is more effective, in addition to improving circulation as the blood vessels expand. Likewise, keeping skin hydrated is very important using products for your skin type and balancing your life with physical activity and good nutrition that will result in a skin free of dryness and therefore more jovial.