Promotions for Father's Day: everything to pamper the best

Promotions for Father's Day: everything to pamper the best

On June 17, Father's Day is celebrated in Peru , as is customary it is a special occasion for families to come together and share a unique moment while remembering the experiences or experiences that unite them. A gift or a detail can not miss in this celebration, so the campaign celebrates dad brings the best promotions for Father's Day.

Each year, the third Sunday of June is the date indicated to honor paternity and the importance of this figure for the family nucleus. However, in some occasions the mothers themselves are responsible for fulfilling this role for children. In any case, it is a reason to thank and establish many more lasting links.

Linio Peru is part of this family celebration and brings the most significant discounts this season. These discounts are located in a range of 50% over the original price of the product, this being the ideal opportunity to buy everything that dad has always wanted to have.

Promotions for Father's Day: Celebrate Dad!

The categories of the campaign celebrates dad integrate all personalities, that is, regardless of hobbies, tastes or interests of your father, without a doubt here you will find the options indicated to give this Sunday June 17. We tell you a little more about the articles that are available in the catalog.

It is common for parents to enjoy barbecuing and roasting outdoors on weekends, as a simple lunch can be the perfect excuse to share with loved ones. In the category of home dad you will find all the indispensable products to cook the simplest but succulent dishes.

In these times, there are many technological parents who enjoy having the best cell phones and smartphones . While there are those who have not yet decided whether to change their analog phone for an intelligent one, this would be the best gift, just enough to decide between the main features and some of the most recognized brands such as Apple, Samsung or Huawei.

Father's Day in Peru

Having little budget is not a valid excuse, to stop surprising dad with a special detail in his day and that is why Linio Peru offers a wide variety to its customers. The Gifts section for less than 99 soles integrates the best-selling products in one place, from: hearing aids with mic, wallets, card and video games.

The traditional gifts could not go unnoticed, because they are simple and useful items that dad does not stop using every day as: ties, belts, boxer packages, caps and pajamas. These excellent prices will never be available anywhere else.

Another of the promotions for father's day is the one that is located in the area called dad fashion , which mostly contain the newest models in sports shoes, casual shoes and elegant for men. So no matter the occasion, dad will always be dressed in the latest fashion with these shoes.

Also, in this part you can find the basic garments for autumn-winter this year, because there are many varieties of jackets and jeans for men . If it is a work meeting, Dad will always need to have in his wardrobe a suit or a blazer with the most combinable colors: navy blue, brown, black and gray. The poles are ideal for those hot days when you want to be cool and comfortable for a walk, according to dad's needs these garments are an ideal alternative.

Gifts for Dad

A good TV to see how all the matches of FIFA are done is everything a man could want, and what better way than sitting in a comfortable recliner. For this experience to be even more rewarding, just missing the audio accessories indicated so that dad does not miss any of his favorite encounters.

Finally, those fitness parents who are fond of sports or practicing physical activities in the gym, require quality accessories to function in their routines. For all of them are: soccer shoes, shirts of the Peruvian national team, shorts , briefcases, watches, bottles of water and shin guards. The most recognized brands in the market such as Adidas , Umbro and Nike are the favorites of all buyers.

In turn, the footballs and soccer balls of the World Cup Russia 2018 are within the promotion. In this way, both parents and children can make a real game in which the excitement for this sport is lived to the fullest. Do not forget to share these promotions for Father's Day and to make this day a memorable event for Dad.

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