The Dragon Ball Z series inspires new Adidas designs

Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball Z series inspires new Adidas designs

Dragon Ball Z is a series that was derived from a manga written by Akira Toriyama from 1984 until 1995; The adventure described by the author consists of a main character, Goku, who together with his friends, tries to recover the dragon spheres and, at the same time, save the earth from enemies who want to conquer or destroy it.

The success of this series reached the point where Toei Animaciones, company producing the series, later decided to create a feature film called Dragon Ball GT ; which included new characters maintaining the basis of Toriyama's writing; save the earth from the potential dangers that existed in the universe.

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For the year 2009; the Dragon Ball Z series was remastered and became known as Dragon Ball Z Kai , which was intended to recapture the audience that, since 1989, was concerned about following the fate of Goku. With improved graphics and effects of greater impact; this new delivery of adventures gave rise to the creation of Dragon Ball Super ; a sequel – that continues in full shooting – of the film to continue developing the world of Dragon Ball ; but not from the perspective of saving the earth but the universe.

This series, whose diffusion has not declined due to the numerous positive reviews it has had throughout history; has inspired Adidas, a world-renowned sports brand, to create a collection of shoes that pay homage to the adventures of the main characters of the series, which will become an experience for anime lovers.

What are the Adidas Dragon Ball Z models and their release date?

Adidas got involved in this and; in the months of August, September, November and December will pretend to follow in order the saga of Dragon Ball Z and its main characters, removed a model for each season. Starting with Goku and Frieza, the first one with the ZX 500 RM model, with its reference colors-orange with details in blue. Likewise; from the perspective of the villain; Adidas Young-1 will be for those whose tastes lean towards purple and pink.

In September; the second pair for sale by the brand will refer to teenage Gohan in his battle against Cell with the model Deerupt and; remembering the villain; Prosphere green color with white designs will be part of the Cell fans.

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Vegeta and Majim Boo will be the protagonists of the month of November; the Oregon Ultra Tech and the Kamanda ; colored yellow, blue and white and; the other pair with the pink color inspired by football.

For December; the two versions of Shenlong footwear will go on sale; the first will be in the characteristic colors of the character, that is, green with details in red, gold and black. Likewise; The second part of the shoes will consist of colors such as black and beige.

It should be noted that each model only relates to the series in terms of the colors of its characters; they do not belong to a specific design since their use can vary both for sports and casual.