Clash of Clans: more than a game, an epic war

Clash of Clans: more than a game, an epic war

Clash of Clans more than a game, has become an online war that has gained popularity in a short time since its launch in 2012 , thanks to its novel gameplay and level of difficulty in terms of strategy. The user must evaluate their defense and attack levels to build an adequate territory to survive during the enemy's assaults.

This multiplayer program is based on building a village from initial resources, and gradually increase the levels of defense and troops, so that each attack is more devastating than the previous one, thus achieving better rewards either elixir to enhance troops, gold to improve the structures or cups to level up in the ranking .

Clash of Clans video game

Each user must determine what their initial strategy will be, either defend the resources to get better management of them, or protect the town hall that will be the priority if you want to increase crowns and level up quickly.

However, that is not the only challenge of the game , but to attack others with an army with different potions that can support the troops. The user must evaluate the enemy villages and quickly put together an attack tactic to achieve 100% damage, obtaining a perfect victory.

Tips to advance in Clash of Clans:

Raise the level of containers

"Greater capacity, more active time"

Increasing the capacity of the gold and elixir containers represents more supplies that the player can collect per attack, so that by making more assaults on enemies the gains can be managed.

This means more uptime during the game due to the fact that many players stop attacking when viewing their maximum level of these reserves.


"More builders, less waiting time"

Many people use gems to decrease the waiting time of building constructions, however, a long-term investment is to manage the gems from the initial point to obtain the maximum number of builders, since the more masters the player own, larger buildings will be covered in simultaneous time.

Look closely before attacking

"Deducting the level of attack based on the troops is important"

Before attacking, the player must have a strategy outlined, although each enemy village is different and the combat must be modified in relation to the opponent's defenses, if the aerial counterstrikes are positioned in a specific area, the user must attack from the opposite side .

The administrator must strategically choose where to introduce his troops since some traps can be located in specific spaces so that they lose the least possible hordes.


"It's not about quantity but quality"

It is always advisable to create a balanced army to have different attack options; that is, what possibilities does an army of balloons have before a rocket trap? The secret to obtaining a high percentage is to vary in the attacks and diversify the troops. In the same way, it is advisable to raise the level of each NPC to increase the probability of success.

The success of the attack can influence the level of the user's troops no matter how much they are.


"The distribution of the defenses can define the result"

The most advisable thing to defend the village from enemy attacks is to maintain a balance in the structure of the same, to know how to protect resources and leave out the offensive element to generate considerable damage when counterattacking.

Why is Clash of Clans still valid after so long?

Although it was born 6 years ago, it is still present in the market, since in addition to incorporating new updates with innovative game forms, and different troops to strategize, it constantly develops events allowing users to obtain gems or unique prizes.

It has the advantage of these available for many platforms whether smartphones , tablets or computers , is adapted to run on operating systems such as iOS and Android getting a considerable advantage, additional this application has a weight of 119MB a notable attribute over the other games.

Clash of Clans tricks

Each player will have their personalized account in Clash of Clans , so they can always synchronize it anywhere if the device has a network to connect to the Internet.

This game offers many opportunities for entertainment to the participants, since its form varies constantly thanks to the updates, that is why despite being the same dynamic, the content can always be diversified.

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