The best accessories and jewelry for men

The best accessories and jewelry for men

Male fashion has changed over the years, not only talk about clothing, in general: it's about new styles in accessories and how to use them. Deciding the ideal gift for a gentleman can be an arduous task, it does not matter if it's your father, your brother, your boyfriend, your husband or your friend; You can always surprise that person with the best options in men's jewelry.

The key is to define the needs and tastes of the other person, if it is a simple man and who wears a casual outfit , you can give him a garment with a silver bath. On the contrary, if he is one of those guys who often dress elegantly and formally; the gold items are adequate.

Watches: a classic of men's jewelry

A watch is more than a simple accessory, it is a perfect complement to the masculine style . There are many reasons why, if you do not use one, you should start to consider it. One of the main ones is that it will help you to arrive on time to all your appointments or commitments, in addition it is proven that women associate this accessory with elegance and good taste in gentlemen.

There is no doubt, wrist watches are the most used by men of any age. The styles, colors and shapes are as varied as the personalities of their owners. Depending on the use that is given, whether daily or not, you can decide between the classics, sports, casual and elegant. The box is also varied, whether square, round or rectangular, ideal to match the taste of each one.

The leather straps are for those conservative and lovers of the classic environment, on the contrary, those made of plastic or silicone are favorable for the daily routine or for outdoor sports.

watches for men


When it comes to rings , the main element that a man should carry is the commitment alliance . But if it is a single boy, it is best to have a smooth and discreet ring; preferably in silver bath and without inlays of any kind. It should not be too thin or too thick.


The bracelets represent a modern and youthful alternative for men. The most convenient – if you look for a casual look – are those made of braided leather ; This type of accessory is ideal to complement a fun and simple outfit . The key is that the bracelet is as tight as possible to the wrist and that it is thick enough, otherwise, it can be confused with a woman's piece.

For each personality there is a style, if it is a creative and extroverted guy a bracelet of cloth or plastic is the best. On the other hand, if he is a man with a sophisticated and seductive air, the metal slaves that combine silver and bronze will be perfect. Try using the watch on the same wrist and integrate several bracelets of different colors.

gentlemen's bracelets


A necklace is one of the most used pieces of men's jewelry . Like the bracelets, select a necklace that is thick so that it feels masculine, completely avoid those that are very thin. A pendant can be the ideal combination. If you like a sport you can integrate it without problem in this accessory. Many men prefer those gold or silver garments , these complements are the most used in the whole world; also remember that there is no need to unbutton all your shirt to be noticed, with the first two buttons is enough to show off the accessories.

accessories for men


As much as possible, try to make sure that the accessories you use are made of the same material, be it silver, gold, copper or leather. You can combine them perfectly with the colors of your outfit. Do not mix pieces of casual jewelry with formal garments, select according to the meeting or the event you will attend. The lenses are an important accessory, which many men ignore, do not hesitate to add them to your outfit. Sunglasses are chosen according to facial features, keep this in mind before purchasing any model. Do not abuse the use of garments, remember that many times less is more and this is not the exception to this rule of thumb. If you use watch it is not necessary to use wristbands. Instead, a simple ring is better. Another essential accessory is the belt, in order to select the most suitable one, the buckle should not be so thick. The black and brown tones can not miss in your wardrobe. The cufflinks for dress shirts are also considered as an accessory for men's jewelry that can not be missed at the time of a formal appointment, especially when talking about work.

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