Linio Plus: benefits for sellers and sellers

Linio Plus: benefits for sellers and sellers

The e-commerce , is a business model that has completely revolutionized not only the Internet but also commercial transactions around the world. Latin America is not far behind with this exponential growth, proof of this is the portal of Linio Peru , which offers a wide variety of products in different categories such as fashion, sports, home, beauty and health, among others. It also has services like Linio Plus, specially created to have a better experience for sellers.

If we talk about figures, this company has more than 5 years providing a fast, safe and reliable service to consumers. Currently there are thousands of sellers through the marketplace model    that serve on this regional platform. To be one of them, it is necessary to have some basic documents such as identification DNI, RUC file, bank account statement and referral guide (approved by SUNAT) and then start enjoying the benefits that online commerce can offer.

Among the benefits of being part of this company, there are special plans that reward good practices that sellers have towards customers by providing a profitable and safe sales experience. Which allows that every time there are more Peruvian entrepreneurs that can position their products on the web through this platform.

benefits for sellers

What is Linio Plus?

Linio Plus is an additional service that is offered to those sellers with good publications and reviews in its catalog of products, that is, they meet a minimum of 90% of deliveries on time and 100% of billing to the final customer.

With this additional service you can get more visits and therefore higher profits. Among the main advantages is the free shipping of your products. Additional said products will have extra advertising space within the website, as well as special promotions for customers. With respect to the return process, it is processed in a period of 14 days. Linio Plus captures thousands of customers per year, which means that these people buy about 3 times more than a regular buyer. If you want to know more information about it, enter here .

In this way, Linio Plus allows increasing the profitability of the business for sellers, who can find in its good practice multiple benefits and an endorsement that puts this trade at the forefront when it comes to e-commerce . Create quality content and comply with all the rules that as a company establishes for the benefit of its allies can provide the opportunity to obtain advantages within the platform and reduce costs.

electronic commerce in Peru

To enter online commerce, it is not only about having quality products, but having the support of a company that thinks of advantages for all those who interact with the platform as one of its main clients and Linio Plus is a of the forms that Linio has to show that it is worthwhile to comply with good practices in online sales that will result in greater visibility and therefore in better sales for its sellers , always putting the user and their needs in the first place.


Fashion coats: trends for autumn-winter

Fashion coats: trends for autumn-winter

The jackets is one of the most used garments to protect against the cold during the winter season, likewise it is used as an ideal complement for the outfit in the fall. Fashion jackets vary according to the season of the year, however, there are some like those made in camouflage print or military style will never go unnoticed for any occasion.

This garment combines perfectly with almost all pants. In the case of girls with tight jeans or a casual dress can make a difference. For these autumn-summer months, flower prints are a classic, so you can play with both tones and textures to look radiant. In men, the coat can be worn over a long sleeve dress shirt and it can also have a motive like the pictures, these garments will bring an interesting and sophisticated touch to go to work or just attend an informal meeting.

Fashion coats that can not miss this season:

First of all, one of the favorite coats is located by both the girls and the boys, it is the one made of leather fabric. This model is an icon of fashion for more than 100 years and is that most people associate this garment with a bold, rebellious and spontaneous attitude. Many Hollywood stars have worn body jackets to represent their roles, such is the case of Marlon Brando in the 1953 film " The Wild One ". Other artists such as Madonna, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley have also worn on stage some combination with leather jackets that identify with their musical style.

It should be noted that leather jackets are very durable if they are properly cared for. To keep them in good condition, you should only use a dry cloth to remove the dust, then if there are some stains you can moisten the cloth a bit with water to leave the leather surface completely clean. If the fabric becomes dull or dull, the solution is to take a cotton ball with baby oil and moisturize the skin. Another very useful recommendation is not to expose the jacket for a long time in the sun, as it could change tone.

Leather coats for women

Denim jackets are the best alternative for the whole year, since it has many different models and patterns that can make an oufit change immediately. In the case of women have many different alternatives, including wearing the trendy coat with a pair of pants of the same color, preferably the denim tone should be dark and tight to the body, while the upper part may be a little more loose body.

Likewise, using this piece with a long skirt is an interesting combination that integrates the best elements of the casual style with the clothes necessary for a formal touch. The key to show off this feminine attire, but at the same time very fashionable is to select the most appropriate and fun accessories such as: striking bracelets or necklaces, even if it is a bright day with sunny weather a subtle and simple hat can work .

Fashion coats for them:

The jeans jackets for men are not far behind in terms of versatility and elegance, some more conservative gentlemen choose to wear a hipster look , what really makes the difference of this trend are the other garments. For example, a thin unicoloured tie or a simple pattern makes the perspective change completely. With boots or slippers, depending on the occasion will attract the eyes of everyone.

Unlike the denim on denim that women use, in men it is recommended that the denim tones be different, in the same way the shirt must be of another tone so that they stand out. A plaid garment can be the ideal choice for a casual date or a walk during the day.

Men's Jeans Jacket  

Because of how close the start of the 2018 World Cup is , many men choose to wear a shirt of their favorite team, it is advisable to wear a one-color shirt so that the contrast is not too flashy. A pair of lenses or a cap can be the ideal complements for this football season and thus you can protect yourself from the sun.

Another alternative for the autumn- winter season of this year are the fashion jackets that are made in fabric, many people prefer the raincoats because in addition to protecting from the cold are really useful at the time of a drizzle. The most important thing is to look for a style that is comfortable and intrepid to go out in style.

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Arterial hypertension? Learn how to prevent its effects

Arterial hypertension? Learn how to prevent its effects

Hypertension is a disease associated with the measurement of blood pressure, which is the force exerted by the heart on the arteries as it pumps blood throughout the body. The instruments to monitor the pressure reflect numbers corresponding to the systolic blood pressure (the measurement of the pressure when the heart muscle contracts and pumps the blood) and diastolic (the pressure between beats when your heart is at rest and filling with blood) , being located one above and one below respectively.

When it is called hypertension, it means that blood pressure is high (from 140/90 mm Hg) because the indicators that are within normal should be located at approximately 120/80 mm Hg. On the contrary, some people, such as those who have had kidney, heart or stroke problems, usually have low blood pressure.

prevent hypertension

Among the causes that produce this type of problems are: salt intake, poor functioning of the renal system, circulatory or nervous, aging, obesity, stress, diabetes, nicotine consumption, reglar, family history or daily alcohol consumption . There are other elements that can cause tension to be altered, but are rather temporary causes, such as pregnancy, the consumption of some medications and even endocrine problems.

There are 2 types of hypertension:

One in which 9 out of 10 people with high blood pressure have what is called primary or essential hypertension , which means that it does not have a single obvious cause. In contrast, approximately 1 in 20 people with high blood pressure have secondary hypertension that means the opposite of primary hypertension because it can be linked to a known and well-identified cause.

How to identify if you have hypertension?

Although it is true that sometimes there are not very obvious signs, it is necessary to be alert because when the necessary measures are taken, it is already in the presence of complications without the possibility of reversing them, however, those who have alterations in blood pressure They usually begin to experience headaches, vision problems, nosebleeds, nausea, fainting, seizures, even confusion.

Generally, the blood pressure rises when a large amount of blood is pumped, there is abundant blood in the circulatory system or failing, the walls of the arteries are losing qualities such as elasticity, contraction or narrowness.

hypertension 2

How to prevent it?

One of the best ways to prevent hypertension is to make a timely evaluation or review with a specialist doctor, as well as tests to detect irregularities. Among the most common tests are the urine and blood test, an electrocardiogram where protein can be detected in the urine, cholesterol and sugar present in the blood and the electrical activity of the heart.

On the other hand, the tension is variable throughout the day and for this you can have a digital blood pressure monitor at hand, it is practical, comfortable and easy to use. It is important to take readings on different days and not only when you feel bad. Setting weekly schedules to take the pressure and get consistent readings can help regulate blood pressure.


What are the possible treatments?

The intention of the treatments is to keep the tension level to have a lower risk of complications. Everything begins with a better lifestyle, trying to have a healthy diet, maintain balance, and be accompanied by some kind of physical activity and abundant hydration. Also, leave bad habits and look for food products that provide fiber, vitamins and minerals that promote heart function.

Control the consumption of alcohol and salt, try to achieve a more tranquil or relaxed life, practicing de-stressing activities. Medicines are a very common solution, depending on each person is indicated the particular dose and regularity to maintain a balance permanently.

The blood pressure is part of the way in which the organism works and evidently, when it does not work of the suitable form it is necessary to investigate in the factors that produce it. Hypertension is frequent in older people, that is, 7 out of 10 people over 75 years of age have high blood pressure and that is why a permanent control and lead a healthy lifestyle are essential to maintain a good quality of life .


Learn to sell in Linio: everything you need to know

Learn to sell in Linio: everything you need to know

E-commerce has taken a lot of force over the last few years. Many sellers could be afraid to make this type of sale, but the truth is that it is becoming easier and safer. Even selling in Linio is a simple task. You just have to know the steps to join the company and the necessary documentation.

In addition, it is important to know the policies and benefits that are offered to the best sellers. Starting a business of your own is sometimes scary, but when the appropriate accompaniment is received, it can become the best option to expand and bring the products that are sold to more people.

Trade available to everyone

Trade within everyone's reach

In addition, for buyers, it is more convenient to look for a product in the comfort of their homes than to go to a store to get it. Above all, if you do not have easy access to reach it. Therefore, electronic commerce results from a gain for all the parties involved.

Sell ​​in Linio Why?

Linio is one of the options for sellers to join the online store with the largest presence in Latin America. First of all, it remains open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, allowing buyers to search all the products they need and sellers, updating their inventory whenever they want. In addition, with an online store , no storage costs are paid, as well as the services that accompany it (electricity, water, personnel, etc.).

Secondly, Linio has a service and a specialized team that will be available to help and facilitate the seller's operations. In addition, it provides a platform where the seller can have full control of their sales and operations. This added to the convenience of working and monitoring your inventory from the mobile application.

An online store in the comfort of home

An Online Store in the Comfort of the Home

On the other hand, transactions are 100% secure . This thanks to the fraud detection system. Therefore, when selling in Linio, the economic security of sellers and consumers is guaranteed. In addition, Linio creates alliances with banks, credit cards, among other companies to make it a more attractive option to buy online.

The products that are loaded to the page will be visible and positioned in the network. This thanks to the Markenting Digital experts. In addition, the Marketplace model ensures that items are available to everyone. It will only be necessary for the seller to upload the products to the platform and when these are purchased, Linio will take care of the sale and serve the customers. As well as, the shipping and parcel service in most cases .

Requirements to sell in Linio

Basically, to sell on this platform you must have the necessary documentation at the time of registration. They must be in a PDF format, in the clearest way possible. The main thing is the DNI identification, which must be valid. As well as the RUC card.

You must have a bank statement with a validity of 30 days, in addition to showing the account number and the inter-bank code, since this data will be the one that allows payments to be made and, finally, the balances and movements must be hidden .

Documentation for Linio

Documentation for Linio

Additionally, natural persons must present the documents that belong to the seller. That is, the intervention of a third party in the registry of a natural person is not allowed. Legal persons must present the constitution certificate.

Now, it will only be necessary for the seller to register to start selling in Linio. To do this you must fill out the form found on the page. Then you must take a virtual training to create the product catalog.

This training will be carried out when three days have elapsed after registration. An advisor will contact the seller to provide the training and material to start using the platform and learn about the Marketplace process, as well as the loading of the products in the different categories, such as Health and Beauty, Technology, Fashion, Home, among others

Monitor the account

Monitor the Account

Then, the account is activated. When the products are loaded on the page, they will go through a quality control. When approved, these will be completely visible on the page. So it is important that the seller keep your account monitored. As well as your email, in this way, you will always be aware of the new purchase orders that are generated and you can attend to the order as soon as possible.

As an additional service, Linio recognizes sellers with good operations, so it allows them to have better visibility on the page, that is, it positions the products better, which generates more and better sales. This service is known as Linio Plus. This benefit serves as motivation for sellers

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Relax from the daily routine! Create your own spa at home

Relax from the daily routine! Create your own spa at home

Surely you are a busy person who has several commitments and managements during the day but it is good that in such accelerated times, spend a few minutes to be with yourself, relax and pamper yourself with beauty treatments that you can perform with varied quality products and equipment that they do not require a large investment to use them in the tranquility of your home building your own spa.

Start by preparing a space inside your home where you feel comfortable to perform a skin cleanse, take a bath, among other options, plus you have the facility to place your items to massage and products such as essential oil, soaps , creams and accessories, candles, diffusers, flowers, towels, incense, even the drink of your choice.

home spa

Consider having good lighting, in some cases you can regulate it to create a more intimate atmosphere. On the other hand, if you do not want everything to be about you, you can involve your partner in this activity so that they strengthen the bond with pleasant conversations, affection and care between both that fan the romance and serve as a preamble for a loving encounter between the couple. Change the dynamics in each home spa session so that it does not become boring and on the contrary, feel interest in doing it again.

Useful tips for your spa

One of the alternatives that can be interesting, is that you fill the tub with water at the temperature you want, add some salt or liquid soap with fragrance, immerse yourself in a delicious foam bath and stay a while to relax your muscles. Some people like to add items such as pearls that melt in water, oats, milk, bath bombs or oils for their properties in terms of skin cleanliness and nutrition.

Another suggestion is the face masks of mud, honey, almonds, cucumber, yogurt or seaweed that in some cases need gentle massages or, failing that, apply them to the face, let them act and remove with water and a wet wipe. The results are varied such as hydration, exfoliation, firming, etc. Use a vegetable fiber sponge to remove impurities such as dead cells to renew the surface of the skin to have a healthier and more attractive appearance.

relaxation at home

It is important to renew at home with good beauty treatments

It is necessary to disconnect from stress and responsibilities even for a short time because that will make you recharge energy, feel good about yourself, with your mental and emotional health.

Meditate and appreciate each part of your body, see what care you can give him such as, for example, your feet that are responsible for supporting the weight of your body and your hands that make possible so many manual tasks in your day to day. Atiéndelos by means of a manicure and pedicure, removing the remains of enamel that you may have or the excess of cuiticula, massaging them, removing the surplus of skin and placing a new tone on your nails.

Steam treatments are good because they expand the pores and cleaning is more effective, in addition to improving circulation as the blood vessels expand. Likewise, keeping skin hydrated is very important using products for your skin type and balancing your life with physical activity and good nutrition that will result in a skin free of dryness and therefore more jovial.


First aid: Basic techniques you should know

First aid: Basic techniques you should know

First aid is basic medical care techniques that allow immediate health emergencies to be attended. The main objective of providing assistance to injured and sick patients to stabilize their vital signs, prevent infections, facilitate primary care and relieve pain until the patient can be seen by qualified personnel.

Employing practices in the right way can make the difference between life and death in emergency circumstances. On the contrary, a bad practice in some procedures could represent a danger for the victims, that is why here you can find the steps that must be followed before the various eventualities.

How to assemble a First Aid Kit ?

First aid box

One of the main considerations to be taken into account before meeting the basic techniques of primary care is to purchase a kit first aid have some tools to serve patients. These must contain:

Sterile gauze to cover wounds. Pharmacy adhesive tapes. Bandages of different sizes. Creams with antibiotics. Scissors. Antibacterial soap Band aids. Thermometers Gloves Alcohol. Tweezers.

As well as these, other pharmacy products should be included to facilitate the curettage of wounds or bandages for fractures, immobilisations or injuries.

First aid techniques

There are different types of first aid depending on the eventuality that may occur, each one has different levels of difficulty and require some skills.

CPR or Pulmonary Cardio-Resuscitation How to do the CPR technique

How to do the CPR technique

This is the first first aid technique to be learned in case of an irregularity in breathing or heartbeat. The most specific example is for those victims of drowning; Before providing medical attention, the assistant must:

Arrange the victim face up. Place the palms of the hands, one on top of the other at the midpoint of the sternum (center of the chest). Apply at least 30 strong and fast compressions with the impulse of your body. Tilt the head back to free the airways. Detect some sign of breathing with the ear near the nose or mouth of the victim.

In case you do not observe the patient's reactions, you need to cover your mouth firmly, clog your nostrils, keep your head tilted and provide mouth-to-mouth breathing until the chest is lifted. The most important step is to repeat the entire procedure until a voluntary breathing response or the arrival of paramedics who will offer medical services.

Open wounds

In general, accidents are related to deep wounds that generate heavy bleeding. In that case, it is essential that the assistant know the basic techniques to stop him and thus avoid the decompensation of the victim. For this, the assistant must:

Rinse your hands with antibacterial soaps to prevent wound infections. Place the victim in a comfortable position to verify the condition of the wound. Cover the wound with sterile gauze to stop bleeding. Clean the wound with alcohol. Make a bandage to stop the bleeding.

If it is a serious wound that is in high-risk areas such as arteries or there are embedded objects, it is advisable to try to calm the patient, investigate what happened and contact the emergency number as soon as possible.


Asphyxia can occur due to obstruction of food or small objects in the respiratory tract. In this case the assistant must perform first aid quickly to prevent the victim from being without oxygen for a long time.

Place the asphyxiate standing. Get behind the victim. Surround your arms on the patient's waist and form a fist with your hand. Make upward pressure with the fist above the navel and below the sternum. For greater effectiveness, exert force with the other hand and repeat the procedure until the object or food comes out.

The only way to stop the help in this procedure is for the patient to lose consciousness. Therefore, try to start first aid while another person makes the emergency call.


Fainting help

In case of witnessing the fainting of a person who was apparently stable, the assistant of:

Lay the victim on his back. Raise your legs at 120 degrees to stimulate blood circulation to the brain. Stimulates the patient with strong smells such as alcohol. In case you recover consciousness, it is necessary to lift it slowly to avoid losing consciousness again. Otherwise, get in touch quickly with the emergency number.

These are the basic first aid techniques that you must take into account when witnessing an accident or health emergency .

The benefits of these are not only for those victims who go through a bad time or suffered an accident, the assistants also have the opportunity to conserve lives, avoid psychological complications and know what actions to perform on certain occasions.

Even offering calm and security to those who need it most can become a personal satisfaction, for this and more, obtaining this knowledge is a requirement that each individual can consider as a personal metal.

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Promotions for Father's Day: everything to pamper the best

Promotions for Father's Day: everything to pamper the best

On June 17, Father's Day is celebrated in Peru , as is customary it is a special occasion for families to come together and share a unique moment while remembering the experiences or experiences that unite them. A gift or a detail can not miss in this celebration, so the campaign celebrates dad brings the best promotions for Father's Day.

Each year, the third Sunday of June is the date indicated to honor paternity and the importance of this figure for the family nucleus. However, in some occasions the mothers themselves are responsible for fulfilling this role for children. In any case, it is a reason to thank and establish many more lasting links.

Linio Peru is part of this family celebration and brings the most significant discounts this season. These discounts are located in a range of 50% over the original price of the product, this being the ideal opportunity to buy everything that dad has always wanted to have.

Promotions for Father's Day: Celebrate Dad!

The categories of the campaign celebrates dad integrate all personalities, that is, regardless of hobbies, tastes or interests of your father, without a doubt here you will find the options indicated to give this Sunday June 17. We tell you a little more about the articles that are available in the catalog.

It is common for parents to enjoy barbecuing and roasting outdoors on weekends, as a simple lunch can be the perfect excuse to share with loved ones. In the category of home dad you will find all the indispensable products to cook the simplest but succulent dishes.

In these times, there are many technological parents who enjoy having the best cell phones and smartphones . While there are those who have not yet decided whether to change their analog phone for an intelligent one, this would be the best gift, just enough to decide between the main features and some of the most recognized brands such as Apple, Samsung or Huawei.

Father's Day in Peru

Having little budget is not a valid excuse, to stop surprising dad with a special detail in his day and that is why Linio Peru offers a wide variety to its customers. The Gifts section for less than 99 soles integrates the best-selling products in one place, from: hearing aids with mic, wallets, card and video games.

The traditional gifts could not go unnoticed, because they are simple and useful items that dad does not stop using every day as: ties, belts, boxer packages, caps and pajamas. These excellent prices will never be available anywhere else.

Another of the promotions for father's day is the one that is located in the area called dad fashion , which mostly contain the newest models in sports shoes, casual shoes and elegant for men. So no matter the occasion, dad will always be dressed in the latest fashion with these shoes.

Also, in this part you can find the basic garments for autumn-winter this year, because there are many varieties of jackets and jeans for men . If it is a work meeting, Dad will always need to have in his wardrobe a suit or a blazer with the most combinable colors: navy blue, brown, black and gray. The poles are ideal for those hot days when you want to be cool and comfortable for a walk, according to dad's needs these garments are an ideal alternative.

Gifts for Dad

A good TV to see how all the matches of FIFA are done is everything a man could want, and what better way than sitting in a comfortable recliner. For this experience to be even more rewarding, just missing the audio accessories indicated so that dad does not miss any of his favorite encounters.

Finally, those fitness parents who are fond of sports or practicing physical activities in the gym, require quality accessories to function in their routines. For all of them are: soccer shoes, shirts of the Peruvian national team, shorts , briefcases, watches, bottles of water and shin guards. The most recognized brands in the market such as Adidas , Umbro and Nike are the favorites of all buyers.

In turn, the footballs and soccer balls of the World Cup Russia 2018 are within the promotion. In this way, both parents and children can make a real game in which the excitement for this sport is lived to the fullest. Do not forget to share these promotions for Father's Day and to make this day a memorable event for Dad.

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How Facebook Workplace was born: the business social network


How Facebook Workplace was born: the business social network

After a year of testing, Facebook launched its new business platform, which combines the best of two worlds: the social network par excellence and the workplace.

Facebook Workplace is the new independent platform that promises to improve communication and productivity in companies. As a concept, Facebook's new tool works as a means of internal communication for workers of the same organization, and seeks to convert the time spent in social networks into higher labor productivity, improving the internal communication of companies.

Test period in Linio Precisely, Linio was one of the international organizations chosen to implement the pilot concept of the tool in 2015, called Facebook at Work. During this trial period, Linio workers from 8 countries throughout Latin America provided feedback on the functionalities of the platform, helping to solve structural problems and user experience.

At the end of this beta stage, Mark Zuckerberg's company decided to change the name of Facebook at Work to Workplace by Facebook, since from its initial conceptualization the platform had changed substantially, not only in its look and feel, but also in the actions that allows users to execute.

Facebook for companies

It is important to highlight that Workplace is exclusively for companies and, as a tool, it has been created to improve productivity and communication between employees through mobile devices. Users can access this application in the same way as with Facebook, through iOS, Android or a browser.

Although it is an exclusive social network for companies, Workplace guarantees not to lose the interactivity and the tools of this platform that everyone loves. The latest version of the platform has features similar to those of Facebook, such as a wall, profiles, events, videos, messaging and, above all, audio calls, videoconferencing, and the increasingly popular Facebook Live.

The Workplace business model Unlike Facebook, this social network does have a cost, which varies according to the number of employees per company. In the case of companies with up to 1,000 employees, the cost will be 3 dollars per active user per month, 2 dollars for companies between 1,001 and 10,000 workers, and 1 dollar per user for payrolls of more than 10,000 users. In the case of non-profit organizations and educational institutions, the platform is completely free to use.

Today more than 1,000 organizations are part of the Workplace world. To date, around 100,000 groups have been created within this social network. India,

The United States, the United Kingdom, France and Norway are some of the main countries that have tested Workplace with very positive results. Among the main companies that have opted for this tool are, Starbucks, Oxfam, Save the Children, Danone, and Linio.


Clash of Clans: more than a game, an epic war

Clash of Clans: more than a game, an epic war

Clash of Clans more than a game, has become an online war that has gained popularity in a short time since its launch in 2012 , thanks to its novel gameplay and level of difficulty in terms of strategy. The user must evaluate their defense and attack levels to build an adequate territory to survive during the enemy's assaults.

This multiplayer program is based on building a village from initial resources, and gradually increase the levels of defense and troops, so that each attack is more devastating than the previous one, thus achieving better rewards either elixir to enhance troops, gold to improve the structures or cups to level up in the ranking .

Clash of Clans video game

Each user must determine what their initial strategy will be, either defend the resources to get better management of them, or protect the town hall that will be the priority if you want to increase crowns and level up quickly.

However, that is not the only challenge of the game , but to attack others with an army with different potions that can support the troops. The user must evaluate the enemy villages and quickly put together an attack tactic to achieve 100% damage, obtaining a perfect victory.

Tips to advance in Clash of Clans:

Raise the level of containers

"Greater capacity, more active time"

Increasing the capacity of the gold and elixir containers represents more supplies that the player can collect per attack, so that by making more assaults on enemies the gains can be managed.

This means more uptime during the game due to the fact that many players stop attacking when viewing their maximum level of these reserves.


"More builders, less waiting time"

Many people use gems to decrease the waiting time of building constructions, however, a long-term investment is to manage the gems from the initial point to obtain the maximum number of builders, since the more masters the player own, larger buildings will be covered in simultaneous time.

Look closely before attacking

"Deducting the level of attack based on the troops is important"

Before attacking, the player must have a strategy outlined, although each enemy village is different and the combat must be modified in relation to the opponent's defenses, if the aerial counterstrikes are positioned in a specific area, the user must attack from the opposite side .

The administrator must strategically choose where to introduce his troops since some traps can be located in specific spaces so that they lose the least possible hordes.


"It's not about quantity but quality"

It is always advisable to create a balanced army to have different attack options; that is, what possibilities does an army of balloons have before a rocket trap? The secret to obtaining a high percentage is to vary in the attacks and diversify the troops. In the same way, it is advisable to raise the level of each NPC to increase the probability of success.

The success of the attack can influence the level of the user's troops no matter how much they are.


"The distribution of the defenses can define the result"

The most advisable thing to defend the village from enemy attacks is to maintain a balance in the structure of the same, to know how to protect resources and leave out the offensive element to generate considerable damage when counterattacking.

Why is Clash of Clans still valid after so long?

Although it was born 6 years ago, it is still present in the market, since in addition to incorporating new updates with innovative game forms, and different troops to strategize, it constantly develops events allowing users to obtain gems or unique prizes.

It has the advantage of these available for many platforms whether smartphones , tablets or computers , is adapted to run on operating systems such as iOS and Android getting a considerable advantage, additional this application has a weight of 119MB a notable attribute over the other games.

Clash of Clans tricks

Each player will have their personalized account in Clash of Clans , so they can always synchronize it anywhere if the device has a network to connect to the Internet.

This game offers many opportunities for entertainment to the participants, since its form varies constantly thanks to the updates, that is why despite being the same dynamic, the content can always be diversified.

Images :

The Dragon Ball Z series inspires new Adidas designs

Dragon Ball

The Dragon Ball Z series inspires new Adidas designs

Dragon Ball Z is a series that was derived from a manga written by Akira Toriyama from 1984 until 1995; The adventure described by the author consists of a main character, Goku, who together with his friends, tries to recover the dragon spheres and, at the same time, save the earth from enemies who want to conquer or destroy it.

The success of this series reached the point where Toei Animaciones, company producing the series, later decided to create a feature film called Dragon Ball GT ; which included new characters maintaining the basis of Toriyama's writing; save the earth from the potential dangers that existed in the universe.

dragon ball z adidas

For the year 2009; the Dragon Ball Z series was remastered and became known as Dragon Ball Z Kai , which was intended to recapture the audience that, since 1989, was concerned about following the fate of Goku. With improved graphics and effects of greater impact; this new delivery of adventures gave rise to the creation of Dragon Ball Super ; a sequel – that continues in full shooting – of the film to continue developing the world of Dragon Ball ; but not from the perspective of saving the earth but the universe.

This series, whose diffusion has not declined due to the numerous positive reviews it has had throughout history; has inspired Adidas, a world-renowned sports brand, to create a collection of shoes that pay homage to the adventures of the main characters of the series, which will become an experience for anime lovers.

What are the Adidas Dragon Ball Z models and their release date?

Adidas got involved in this and; in the months of August, September, November and December will pretend to follow in order the saga of Dragon Ball Z and its main characters, removed a model for each season. Starting with Goku and Frieza, the first one with the ZX 500 RM model, with its reference colors-orange with details in blue. Likewise; from the perspective of the villain; Adidas Young-1 will be for those whose tastes lean towards purple and pink.

In September; the second pair for sale by the brand will refer to teenage Gohan in his battle against Cell with the model Deerupt and; remembering the villain; Prosphere green color with white designs will be part of the Cell fans.

adidas dragon ball

Vegeta and Majim Boo will be the protagonists of the month of November; the Oregon Ultra Tech and the Kamanda ; colored yellow, blue and white and; the other pair with the pink color inspired by football.

For December; the two versions of Shenlong footwear will go on sale; the first will be in the characteristic colors of the character, that is, green with details in red, gold and black. Likewise; The second part of the shoes will consist of colors such as black and beige.

It should be noted that each model only relates to the series in terms of the colors of its characters; they do not belong to a specific design since their use can vary both for sports and casual.