The 11 steps of a correct cosmetic routine for gentlemen

The 11 steps of a correct cosmetic routine for gentlemen

The skin of men has different characteristics with respect to that of women because it is thicker, fat and has a more acid pH, making it necessary to create your own male cosmetic routine to look healthy and jovial.

The most common type of skin among men is mixed, which is distinguished by brightness   moderate and enlarged pores in front, nose and cheek, but these conditions do not always represent an advantage, because the oxidation of sebum, sweat, environmental factors and dead cells favor the appearance of impurities such as blackheads, pimples or pimples.

Cosmetic routine for men:

Next, there are 11 basic care that should be integrated into the cosmetic routine of every man, with the intention that the skin remains fresh, radiant and prevent premature signs of aging:

Cleaning: In the market there are many facial cleaning products, such as gels, soaps, foams, among others, which are designed especially for men. For example, in the case of men with oily skin or predisposition to acne, the recommendation is to wash the face two or three times a day with products containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Sunscreen: It is suggested to use a sun protection factor that ranges between the range of 30-50, which has a fluid consistency, free of oil to avoid causing a greasy sensation. Many current moisturizers contain sunscreen and other ingredients that protect from wind aggression, temperature changes, pollution, preventing skin aging. Shaving: The ideal is to use hot water before the cream, foam or shaving gel, or shave after bathing. There are special creams based on fatty acids, lanolin and paraffin, which soften the hair. When it is done dry or with a machine it is preferable to apply lotions of high alcohol content or aqueous emulsion so as not to cause any irritation. Shaving should be done in the direction of hair growth and not vice versa, after the process, both wet and dry, we recommend a lotion that counteracts the aggressive effect, which produces a pleasant sensation due to its soothing and moisturizing effect. alcohol-based tonics or balsams in the form of a fluid emulsion, the latter have more restorative power. Exfoliation: This practice helps eliminate dead skin cells and a simple way to do this is to apply products designed for this purpose or other elements of natural origin that help to eliminate dead skin, such as sugar, salt and sodium bicarbonate. Hydration : To achieve a smooth and smooth face, male skin needs to be hydrated, because when dry it causes the pores to be more open, in addition to losing softness and elasticity. Therefore, choose a hydrating treatment with a filter, making sure that its texture is in accordance with your skin type, season and climate. Contour of eyes: This is one of the most delicate parts of the face, because it is the first area in which you begin to notice the signs of aging, so it is important to use a moisturizer especially for this area, applying it in the morning and nights before going to bed and after cleaning the face. Trim facial hair: Sometimes they appear   hairs on the nose and ears that protrude and do not look aesthetic, that is why each time must be cut. Dental cleaning: Oral hygiene is essential not only to avoid problems in the teeth and gums such as cavities, gingivitis, etc. but to prevent and avoid bad breath. Brushing after each meal, dental floss and mouthwash, with ingredients such as baking soda, are key to making the teeth look whiter and brighter. Apply some lip balm: Perfect to moisturize them and prevent them from drying out or breaking, especially if you expose yourself to the sun or extreme cold. In the market there are many special lip protectors with filter, which are colorless and can be applied perfectly to men. Use hair conditioner: Although the hair is short, the conditioner provides shine and softness. Therefore, apply after shampoo at least once a week, remember not to use it daily so you do not lubricate your hair. Clean and trim the nails of the hands and feet: Try to take good care of the nails of both extremities, keeping them short, clean regularly and making sure to check up under them with a brush. If you wish, you can apply some moisturizing product to achieve a better appearance.

As a recommendation for healthy lifestyle habits, avoid smoking as this will rejuvenate the skin at least five years, because the tobacco produces negative effects such as decreased levels of vitamin A, production of collagen and elastin, giving a gray appearance and emaciated to the skin.

Another valuable suggestion is to consult a dermatologist, who is the right person to indicate the most appropriate cosmetic treatment or routine to your skin type, avoiding the irritations or damages generated by certain products.

The skin must be a priority for the human being, understanding that establishing a cosmetic routine will involve greater economic effort and some adjustments in daily habits, but at the same time, will result in an improvement of its appearance and exterior image as well as the strengthening of good mood and self-esteem.

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male cosmetic

Natural exfoliants to purify toxins from your body

Natural exfoliants to purify toxins from your body

Exfoliation is part of the routine of care and beauty of the skin whose purpose is to clean and eliminate dead cells and impurities that are generated in the day to day, product of pollution, sweat, dust, fat production, among other aspects and as part of the renewal process of the skin layers. Nowadays, there are articles for body care such as exfoliants developed by specialized brands or those that can be done in a simple way with natural ingredients that are kept at home but with powerful benefits to maintain the health and good appearance of the skin.

Some of the results that are evident after an exfoliation, is the softness to the touch, more luminosity, joviality and the decrease of the fat because in occasions, the excess can be cause of acne, black spots and other problems of the dermis . The exfoliation can be done once a week or once a month, depending on the type of skin you have and evaluating the first reactions when you perform the exfoliation .

face care

face care

There are different recipes to exfoliate at home , which do not require a lot of money because many of the ingredients are regularly owned at home but if on some occasion you do not have one of them, you can choose other alternatives.

Natural scrubs:

Exfoliator based on refined sugar and oil – almond, olive or baby – where the amounts are depending on the area that is going to exfoliate to create a mixture of thick consistency and with small granules that must be applied through movements circular and then remove after 15 minutes with plenty of warm water. If desired, to finish the treatment, a moisturizing cream can be placed on the surface. Exfoliating lemon, green tea and sugar which has advantageous properties for the skin however, the lemon requires certain care to avoid skin spots for what would be convenient to do at night or go to clarity once you have the certainty of having removed the entire exfoliant, for example. The procedure is similar to the previous one, for which it is necessary to start by previously moistening the skin to proceed to place the natural exfoliant and massage gently, to conclude by removing and observing how the skin is revitalized. Exfoliating banana and sugar or sea salt with a nourishing effect, soft and light with one of the most popular fruits by just mashing and adding salt or sugar for later, apply on the skin and after a few minutes, Remove when you are in the shower, if you wish. Exfoliating coffee and cream , among its advantages is not only the exfoliation but acts as a counter-cellulite, soothing irritation or redness as well as a great antioxidant trying to achieve a mixture between any of the skin creams that are available next to a portion of ground coffee and performing the same procedures as mentioned above leaving it on the skin for at least 10 minutes. natural treatments

natural treatments

Also, there is the exfoliating oatmeal powder, yogurt and sugar. Also, the exfoliants of papaya, honey and essential oils as well as honey and linseed, others of the essential allies of this type of treatments that can be placed in areas such as the knees and elbows. Poppy seeds abundant in fatty acids that is suggested to be used with the help of some oil and green clay that is ideal for sensitive skin, is depurative, healing and is characterized by the absorption of toxic substances, are other solutions to to consider.


Tips to prolong the life of a Smartphone's battery

Tips to prolong the life of a Smartphone's battery

The battery in the Smartphone is probably the most delicate piece of hardware for users. Especially for its constant discharge, which, as time goes by, tends to be less efficient, since its useful life is shortened considerably. That is why it is always advisable to keep in mind tips to prolong the life of the device's battery.

How to prolong the battery life of the mobile device?

– The Achilles heel of the Smartphone continues to be the battery. It is important not to use it immediately once it is opened from its factory box.

– Do not allow the device to be completely downloaded. It is better to charge it when it is still above 5% battery, put to the constant flow of electrolytes, it is advisable to always have it between 20% and 80%.


Many times we have the necessary knowledge to take care of our smartphone.

– In the case of a brand new battery, whether the phone is purchased for the first time or to replace it with a completely new one, it is advisable to fill the charge completely. In case of some instability in the load, it is advisable to let it discharge completely and then fill it will cause the battery to be recalibrated.

– It is advisable not to leave the Smartphone plugged in once the device has reached 100% of the load. The electrolytes, despite having reached the maximum load, will continue in constant movement, exhausting the useful life of the cell phone battery, causing it to last with less time.

– Some applications operate in the background, that is, despite not being at first sight, they keep using the processor and therefore depleting the battery. It is recommended to close any application that is not being used.

In the case of Android , you can access configurations through Settings / Application Management / All, there you can view open applications, selecting and closing those that are not desired. In iOS , you access the multitasking bar, pressing each of the icons shown until the closing appears and you click on it.

– Generally the most consumed battery in the phone are WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth connections , which remain active by default. If you are not using any of these, it is advisable to disable them.

With WiFi, it is best to configure so that each time you want to connect to a network, ask the user so he can be very conscient if he is connected, or not.

Bluetooth is something that should not be kept permanently on, it should only be used when necessary to transfer files to another device, including to other devices that receive this signal or for hands-free. Extending the life of the battery can be easier if this fusion is switched off if it is not necessary.

Now, in the case the 3G connection or another type of data access by means of a telephone line operator, it can be activated in the following way: in Android through Settings / Wireless and mobile networks / networks, while, in iOS, it is done through Settings / General / Mobile Data and this function is disabled. It is advisable to turn them off when you are on a wireless network.


The batteries have a life time, however, it can be shortened if you do not know how to take care of it.

Probably the easiest way to disable all kinds of connections is to place the Smartphone in airplane mode, this will block all Internet connections of any kind.

– To prolong the life of the battery it is important to pay attention to the level of brightness of the screen. It is an important factor to consider, since the higher the intensity, it will discharge much faster. Therefore, adjusting to a medium level will save a lot of battery and keep the brightness at a comfortable level for most uses.

In Android it can be adjusted through Settings / Display / Brightness; while, in iOS, it is done through Settings / Brightness and Wallpaper.

– The Maps application can be very useful for location purposes. Most of the information stored in the phone's cache memory will be used to provide the necessary data of the current location, but in case you need some other place, you must use the Internet and, therefore, spend more battery of the device. This is one of the applications that can most damage the life of a battery.

– Geographical location by means of GPS is used by most applications (maps, compasses, search my iPhone) up to (Twitter, WhatsApp or SoundHound), generally to provide content relevant to the current location or data collection.

Each time you use any of them, the device will go to the GPS and to the data of the telephony antennas plus the WiFi connection points to determine the geographical point, to deactivate it, in Android it is achieved in Settings / Location and Security or Configuration / Location Services, in iOS the applications that make use of it are located in Settings / Privacy / Location.

With these tips you can help a phone have a much longer life and do not have to give such constant maintenance or spend on additional parts.

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Items you need to care for your dog

dog care

Items you need to care for your dog

We know that for animal lovers, a pet means much more than a companion, animals eventually become a member of the family. All pets have their particular grace and all become children for their owners, in the case of the dog the connection with his master is much stronger.

And is that dogs are considered by many as the most faithful and intelligent domestic animals, dogs today more than ever have earned their place in the world, today we can find rescue dogs, guide dogs, firefighters, among others . But although the potential of these animals is very large, they are still the pet choice par excellence of many, that's why we recommend some accessories that you must have to give your dog the care it deserves.

Rest articles

When you welcome a dog to your home the first thing you should give it its own space, a personal and private environment where he can rest. If you live in an apartment and you have little space, the best option for you is to put a mattress, a bed or a carpet for dogs. If you have a little more space, you can include a pen or rest room, you can put chairs and covers for your pet to feel as comfortable as possible.

rest dog

Feeding accessories for the Dog

Another element very necessary for your puppy to feel good, is a good diet, the food you choose for your dog should be of the best quality, but you must also have a good dispenser or plate where you can eat, you must ensure that the dish loads the ration your pet needs, as well as making sure you always have your plate full. If you are a busy person, the automatic food dispensers are ideal because they have enough reserve for your pet to feed while you are not at home.

food dog


The hygiene of your pet is another fundamental point that you should not overlook as it will keep you free of diseases and you will keep your home cleaner. To ensure proper hygiene of your dog you must bathe at least once a month with an anti-flea shampoo and you can apply conditioner to soften the hair.

You can also trim your hair with a razor to keep it cleaner and prevent fleas and ticks from accumulating. Another very effective method to protect your pet from these animals is to apply the pipettes or anti-flea and tick medicines in drops or to place the anti-flea and tick collars that protect your pet for a minimum of one month.

dog hygiene

Additionally, try to buy your pet a good walking gear, a sturdy collar and a muzzle if necessary. In addition, you must have items for training and fun of your dog, how to rewards and toys, if you are one of the most affectionate owners you can pamper your puppy by buying clothes to make it look much more tender.

How to receive the good energy of the Spirit of Christmas?

How to receive the good energy of the Spirit of Christmas?

Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year, where the joy and illusion of children and family, plus traditions, spiritual aspects and hope come together for a single celebration. One of the most popular rituals before Christmas Eve is the preparation for the reception of the Spirit of Christmas that takes place on the longest day of the year within the winter solstice, where it is believed that it falls to earth and Visit those who welcome you.

The Spirit of Christmas brings blessings and renewal of energies related to prosperity, health, love, peace, etc. its origin is linked to the Nordic countries and has been extended to other territories. There are several versions around the Spirit of Christmas will be a character or real figure or if on the contrary, it is based on a set of stellar energy in which to connect with light beings like angels.

December 21 is the date in which friends and family gather to share and thank in different ways, one of them is cleaning the house previously to discard the bad and improve the receptivity of positive energies through elements such as plants or herbs such as pine and rosemary. Also, it is recommended to create a suitable atmosphere with elements such as candles of different shades, essences, sandalwood incense and tangerine, as well as flowers and ornaments typical of the time such as bells or offerings such as fruits with paper and pencil.

decembrinas traditions

The Spirit of Christmas, step by step

The first thing is to light the candles , light the incense and spill a little essence even on the body and then open the windows and doors to favor the flow of energy. In the same way, the invitation is to remain some minutes in silence to get in touch with the objectives and dreams fulfilled, to apologize for the bad actions and to promote the alignment with the universe.

With the paper and the pencil will write the wishes without any type of limitation but considering the order in which they want to be fulfilled, incorporating petitions about loved ones, personal wishes and even for their environment such as your country. The tradition is to ask for 21 wishes, so it is better to think them well and not forget to thank for the wishes granted this year.

Once the person has finished, it is advisable to leave the paper on the table during that night in the company of other things and if you wish, save until next year where you can reflect about it. Some people prefer to make the wish list with odd numbers, burn those that were fulfilled and keep those that are pending.

Finally, a toast or a delicious dinner will be the finale to conclude this special moment, which becomes another excuse to spend time together and propose to be better human beings every day with traditional rituals.

Christmas spirit

Welcome Prayer

For those who like to take a prayer with their spirituality , there are also several texts that can serve as a reflection to thank and begin the spiritual connection. The perfect moment for this can be before writing the wishes for next year, in order to give thanks before asking for new wishes.

In your name, Almighty Presence, I welcome the Holy Spirit of Christmas, who comes down to this planet with the mission of giving. I greet you, I acknowledge you and I bless you; I thank you for the wonderful work of love, joy and peace that you make.

I open the doors of my heart and my home to your radiation, and I recognize you as a privileged guest at the celebration. I demand, accept, receive and make an abundant provision for myself, for my family, my friends and for all humanity.

I invoke the law of forgiveness, the transmuting violet flame and the pink flame of divine love, to dissolve with love all that is inharmonious during this Christmas in my home and on the planet. Light to the earth, so that peace, balance, well-being and joy fill my life and the whole world.

I am the faith that moves mountains. I am the hope of giving and receiving big. I realize the greatness of the great presence and the prosperity that comes to grant the nativity. I erase in my mind, with violet light, every concept of limitation and scarcity, and I do not accept it anymore.

May the sacred fire of transmutation cleanse and purify the Earth during this Christmas, so that the Christmas Spirit is well in the time it visits us, and can carry out its work without interference. I am the transmutation of the violet flame into action, and the perfection of the beloved Master of the Nativity manifests itself on the entire planet by the power of divine love.


Ice cream recipes: fun ways to combine flavors

Ice cream recipes: fun ways to combine flavors

There are infinities of ice cream recipes that have become the favorites of children and adults. It does not matter if they are chocolate, strawberry or butter, even more exotic flavors such as hazelnut or coffee cream, there is always a taste for all tastes. And its realization is very simple.

You can find recipes online that mix many ingredients. Although the most common are whipped cream, adding some fruit or an extra ingredient that will give flavor. But there are also vegan and other dairy-free preparations for those who are lactose intolerant.

Funny ice cream flavors

Funny ice cream flavors

The ice cream seems to have its origins in China, where they made a mixture with snow, honey and fruits. Then, Marco Polo introduced in Europe this concept he learned in his travels, but preparing this dish was a luxury, due to the difficulty of keeping them cold, so that only the nobility could consume it. After a while, a French cook who served the nobility, mixed milk with fruit juice and made the ice cream that we know today.

Easy ice cream recipes

When making a recipe for homemade ice cream, it is important to keep in mind that the final result will depend on the elaboration process. A creamy consistency depends on the ice crystals that form and the type of syrup that is used. In this way, the smaller the crystals and the more syrup is used, the softer and creamier the mixture.

For this reason, it is important to use ingredients such as sugar, as it functions as a natural antifreeze. As for the fat to be used, egg yolks, cream or butter are a feasible option to dissolve thick pieces of ice. Generating in this way, a moist and smooth result to the palate.

Now, an easy ice cream recipe is vanilla , for which you need to take 400 g of condensed milk , 1 teaspoon of vanilla and 480 ml of whipping cream . To prepare it, first mix the vanilla with the condensed milk. Then, in another bowl mix the cream with a hand or table blender until it is frothy. To this, the condensed milk is added and everything is integrated very well until achieving a homogeneous consistency. Finally, it is taken to the refrigerator around 4 to 5 hours.

Chocolate ice cream

Chocolate ice cream

With these simple steps, you can achieve a creamy base for an ice cream, which will perfectly combine with any dessert, such as Brownie or hot cookies. In addition, to that recipe, you can add melted chocolate, mixing everything very well and then take it to freeze. The result will be the same.

This recipe can also be used to create ice cream with fruit combinations, such as strawberry, kiwi or even lemon. Another method involves making a mixture of 500 grams of natural yogurt , 275 grams of red fruits, which may include strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, among others, and then placing 100 grams of coconut milk. These ingredients can be mixed in a blender and then brought to cool for 4 or 5 hours.

Other ice cream combinations

You have to keep in mind, that you can make ice cream with all the ingredients you can imagine. There are even recipes for bacon, caviar or garlic. But a less extravagant ice cream recipes option is the vegan proposal.

To substitute ingredients of animal origin, you can take an avocado-boneless and peeled-3 tablespoons of syrup or agave syrup and on this occasion, a portion of frozen red fruits. Now all you have to do is mix everything in a blender at maximum speed until it is perfectly integrated. Then take it to the freezer for two hours and that's it! You will have a very creamy dessert and nobody will know that avocado is one of its main ingredients.

If you are one of the people who is afraid to use the avocado to make some ice cream recipes, you can substitute frozen bananas , which will be taken to the blender and can be combined with red fruits or chocolate, until everything is well integrated, then leave freezing

Vegan ice cream

Vegan ice cream

You can make the same combinations as with a conventional recipe. For a vegan version with chocolate chip cookies, you need to first take 100 g of baking flour to the oven and cook it for 15 minutes. Then mixed with brown sugar, 20 g of melted vegan butter and chocolate chips . With this mixture, small balls of edible biscuit dough are made to cool for 30 min. After that time they mix with the bananas, but be careful! First the bananas will go to the blender and when they are ready you will incorporate the cookies with the help of a spoon and from there to the fridge for 2 hours.

Chocolate cookies for ice cream

Chocolate cookies for ice cream

The same can be done with Brownie or chocolate cookies. For the first option, frozen bananas are added with cocoa powder and when everything is incorporated, small pieces of brownie and dulce de leche are added. Again, they will go to the refrigerator and be ready to taste.

With the option of chocolate cookies , the cream will be removed first and will be reserved for later use. The cookies are mixed together with the frozen bananas and then the cream that is removed is added. Here, you can leave the whole cream or you can melt it to incorporate it into this recipe.

The important thing when making ice cream recipes is to let the imagination fly to make fun combinations. In minutes you can have a tasty ice cream that the whole family loves.

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Sporty Chic: a way to be comfortable and elegant

Sporty Chic: a way to be comfortable and elegant

One of the needs of every woman is always to feel comfortable. Since the heels came to the life of all, many have sacrificed that aspect to look elegant at all times. But now, with the new Sporty Chic trend, it has managed to combine elegance and comfort in a very ingenious way.

It can be said that Karl Lagerfeld was one of the first to put on a catwalk this trend, when he combined high fashion with a pair of sneakers in his collection of Spring Summer 2014. Since then, many designers have begun to implement this combination . Even sportswear brands have adapted their clothes to make them more urban.

Sporty style on the street

Sporty style on the street

In this way, we arrive at what is currently known as the Sporty Chic ; a trend that even the top executives have begun to follow. Who would not like to go to the office in sports without seeming to just go through the gym?

Sporty Chic Fashion: Learn to combine the garments!

Kyler Jenner with his elegant outfits accompanied by sports shoes , has become the figure of the Sporty Chic style. Finding the key among the garments that can be used is very simple. You just have to make a division between those that are "elegant" and those that are "informal or sports"

These elegant garments can be made up of a blazer, a black dress, high-heeled shoes, raincoat, a tailor's coat, a white shirt, dress pants or a pencil-type formal skirt. On the other hand, the clothes that are more informal or sports can be jeans , either boyfriend style or with some ripping, shirts with some striped design, sweatshirts or sneakers.

To wear heels

One of the simplest ways to recreate a Sporty Chic style is to use heels as a central element. The more elegant they are, the better. A first combination consists of a very casual style, such as a sweatshirt and jeans, to give prominence to the footwear. If the pants are boyfriend styles , you can pick up a little at the ankle height so that the heels shine.

On the other hand, you can wear a sweatpants or sports style to combine it with stiletto shoes . This combination can be more complicated to achieve since the contrast is very strong between both elements. To this you can add a very formal white shirt and a blazer. It is important to consider the color of the pants, since it must be in a neutral tone. So it could carry a range of colors such as gray, black or a dark blue tone.

Sporty style in high heels

Sporty style in high heels

The first idea of ​​sweatshirts and heels can be applied to formal skirts. Although you could also complement the outfit with a t-shirt and military-style or beige trench coat . Another way to complete the look is to choose the right accessories. For example, small or Clutch- style handbags can be selected . At the same time, sunglasses can become the best friends of the Sporty Chic style.


The other side of the coin of this style are the running shoes. When high heels are used as the main complement, the clothes are selected as casual as possible – without falling into gym clothes – whereas, when wearing sports shoes, the outfit must be elegant . Although there are some combinations that can be taken into account.

The first option when using this type of footwear is to combine it with a black pants and an American style blazer . This is the most common style and the most used, since it offers an air of modernity and sophistication. It works if you work with sober colors, such as black and white.

On the other hand, you can use elegant raincoats to combine with a more relaxed outfit . Here comes into play the concept of using a main garment. In this case, a black raincoat will give you that elegant plus to go to a work meeting in a very comfortable way. To improve the set you can change the blue jeans for a dress pants and it will have the same effect.

Sporty fashion with dress and sports

Sporty fashion with dress and sports

With skirts and dresses, the same rule also applies. The important thing is always to remember that the dress should be in a formal style; In this way, a Sporty Chic look is being completed in its entirety. For this reason a dress made of chiffon or tight to the body , will be perfect with white sports shoes. In the end, it can be completed with a leather jacket and a disheveled high bun, to give it the final touch.

The important thing in Sporty Chic fashion is always knowing what the perfect combination is. Neutral colors and appropriate clothing can make a difference. In this way, you should always evoke comfort without falling into gym clothes or boring combinations.

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The expected launch of the Samsung Note 8 arrived

The expected launch of the Samsung Note 8 arrived

Samsung at the forefront of technological advances, seeks to permanently develop new systems and equipment – such as the Samsung Note 8 –   that cover the needs of a public that every day becomes more demanding. There is a very competitive market which offers more alternatives and where there are more manufacturers that seek to meet the demand. While it is true that there are people who do not skimp when buying a smart mobile device , they see it as an investment, it is also valid to say that the phones lose their validity quickly and the selection of the equipment must be detailed and correct to guarantee its utility, functionality and permanence.

The invitation is to learn more about the most recent electronic device, the Samsung Note 8 that came to revolutionize the way of communicating, offering diversity of innovative aspects that become practical solutions enabling the execution of their daily activities.

Design of the Samsung Note 8

With an image similar to the Galaxy S8, the Samsung Note 8 is notable for features such as the dimensions of 162.5 × 74.8 × 8.6 mm and an estimated weight of 195 grams, compact and sophisticated design, has no capacitive or physical buttons on the front but Virtual buttons created with software on the 6.3-inch screen with almost imperceptible edges, resolution: 2960 × 1440 pixels so that images and videos are maintained with the necessary quality, whether in HD quality or not; which will allow you to minutely detail everything that is on the screen of this device. It also has a USB-C port, a speaker and 3.5 mm regular hearing aid connector.

Processor, operating system, storage, battery and connectivity

This device has eight-core Snapdragon 835 processors (four 2.35GHz and four 1.9Ghz) or eight-core Exynos 8895 (four 2.3GHz and four 1.7Ghz), Android Nougat operating system, storage capacity of 64 GB and 6 GB of RAM and an autonomy that will allow you to enjoy your smartphone for hours, thanks to the 3,300 mAh battery – having overcome the problems of the past. You can take advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, Wi-Fi 802.11ac, NFC, LTE Cat. 16 and microSD slot to amplify storage capabilities.

Front and back camera

Its front camera is 8 megapixels with autofocus and face detection together with dual rear camera with image stabilization that has a main wide angle with aperture f / 1.7 and double pixel while the other is telephoto with aperture f / 2.4. The camera app offers a bar that lets you swipe the selection to change the intensity of the blurred background from 0 to 10.

Other features

Similarly, it has a heart rate sensor, flash, fingerprint reader, water resistance up to 1.5 meters deep for 30 minutes, optical pen to draw or take notes with the same style of traditional ballpoint pen that recognizes up to 4,096 levels of pressure and its tip is 0.7 mm, plus it has an iris scanner as the safest and most practical method to unlock the device.


This innovative device allows you to run two applications in split screen thanks to App Pair, you can also create and send animated messages with the help of Live Messages and it is compatible with Samsung DeX – so that the transition during a video call is more fluid and when you disconnect the cell phone is integrated into the dock- and the new Gear VR glasses.

On the other hand, the Air Command is still present and keeps the smart selection to capture parts of a video and share them in GIF format as well as instant translation using Google Translate. One of the differentiating factors of the Samsung Note 8 with respect to the Galaxy S8, is that in the app drawer you can see 36 apps at once, instead of 25.

Ready Player One movie: virtual reality arrives at the cinema

Ready Player One movie: virtual reality arrives at the cinema

This month of April is one of the most anticipated by the fans of the world of video games , as the premiere of the movie Ready Player One , a science fiction film directed by the acclaimed director Steven Spielberg , arrives.   It promises to fill movie theaters with incredible special effects.

The film is based on the book Ready Player One by the American writer Ernest Cline. One of the advantages of the production is that the text was full of characters or references to the world of television, movies, comics and video games that marked the decades of the 80s and 90s. Some of the most important versions are will show on screen are: Galaga, Pac-man, Minecraft, Street Fighter , Mortal Kombat , among other classic games.

Those fans of the literary version, will find a tape full of virtual reality and a world full of technology . As is to be expected, in most adaptations, some fragments have been changed or simply do not appear. The critics will be responsible for judging the quality of the film, while, we leave you some curiosities about the creation of the film.

Ready Player One trailer

From fiction to reality

The story of the movie Ready Player One takes place in a futuristic society set in 2045. The world as we know it has changed, because thanks to the negative effects on the environment, fossil energy reserves have been reduced and therefore the Fuel cost is extremely expensive. To cope with the situation of poverty, citizens are distracted by playing a video game that lives in virtual reality, called Oasis. Most young people invest a lot of their time immersed in the adventures of the game, and that is why older people classify them as the "lost generation".

But everything changes when the millionaire creator of Oasis dies suddenly, but before it has been in charge of leaving an easter egg or an Easter egg , so that whoever finds it becomes the lucky heir of his patrimony. This message makes the players fill with optimism and hope, having the possibility of changing the situation in which they live, most of them in poverty and bad conditions. Five years later, the protagonist of the film Wade Watts, has managed to advance in the levels and is involved in dangerous situations while trying to deal with the enemies that surround him. Well, it is one of the possible winners of the millionaire inheritance.

Its main rivals will be the so-called Sixers , who are employees of the company IOI, which want to take control of the game. Wade will also have to face the Gunters , who are all the other players in the game who are looking for the treasure as a team or individually. Achieving the desired easter egg will become the only way to survive in the game and in the real world.

ready player one synopsis

Ernest Cline, through his literary and now cinematographic work, openly invites viewers to reflect on the problems that many societies suffer today, such as the effects of climate change and pollution on the planet.

Among the cast for this film is: Tye Sheridan (known for her participation in X-Men: Apocalypse ), Olivia Cooke, Hannah John-Kamen, TJ Miller, Julia Nickson and Mark Rylance.

It should be noted that, since its premiere in the United States since last March 28, according to the AFP news agency , it has collected around 41.2 million dollars. What makes it the highest grossing film at the moment, because the movie Tyler Perry's Acrimony is in second place with a collection of 17.1 million dollars since its debut .

Curiosities of the movie Ready Player One:

All movies have curious facts that are of interest to viewers, the movie Ready Player One could not be the exception to this rule, so we bring you some:

In principle they considered other directors to carry out the shooting of the tape, among them they emphasize: Christopher Nolan, Matthew Vaughn, Peter Jackson, Robert Zemeckis and Edgar Wright. But in the end, Warner Brothers selected the acclaimed SS for the job. The film shows reference to pop culture that set trends during the 80s and 90s. The work is inspired in a certain way in the story of Willy Wonka , only that in this version the heir will not win a chocolate factory. On the contrary, it will be the creditor of a large fortune. In addition, the official trailer contains the instrumental version of the song Pure Imagination from the movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971). Spielberg's film was scheduled to premiere on December 15, 2017, however, the initial date was changed to March 30, 2018, this to avoid competition with another movie of a similar genre such as Star Wars: the last Jedi .

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Decorate your spaces with our Home Week


Decorate your spaces with our Home Week

If you thought that only technology and lifestyle is the only thing we can prepare for you, it is not like that, in Linio Peru we also prepare better ideas for you to decorate your house and feel that you can have what you would like in the ideal place. Be free to choose the color and the perfect accessory to maintain the order and beauty of your spaces. That's why you can not miss the best deals during this week of home.

Maybe it's a piece of furniture that you need in the main room, maybe it's a refrigerator that you need to replace in your kitchen or suddenly you need some new garden furniture so you can enjoy a special day outdoors.

Home furnishing:

There are times when we are not satisfied with the colors we are used to seeing in our main room or we do not like the style of the furniture that adorn our interior space, in Linio you can find the best Living Room Furniture , in matt colors and materials of high quality standards, as well as prices that will surely leave you in love.

In this Week of the Home in Linio Peru we have separated furniture from fine cloth and semi-leather , with the modernity and style that you need to redecorate your house. When choosing the one that you like, think about how much time you want to last with him in your home.

Appliances in the household week:

The house can not only be accommodated with furniture, closet and room accessories, as the kitchen also needs to have elements that give a new look to space. Nothing better than choosing appliances adapted to the space but you can have everything you need to spoil everyone in the home.

The top 3 of what you should have in your kitchen and that you will find in Linio are:

Refrigerators : You will find them in the sizes, capacity, color and model that you like the most. When choosing one of them, it is necessary to take into account the synchronicity that must exist with the space where you are going to locate it, that the color of your kitchen is equal or similar to that of small appliances and other electrical appliances. Kitchens : With the technological growth it is necessary that we also put ourselves at par, so it is ideal to choose a kitchen that is recessed and that brings more beauty to the space we use to put our cooking skills to the test. Ovens : Ovens are necessary in every kitchen because they give us great help when we do not want but to be aware of the beginning and end of everything we cook or maybe, when we want to heat what we had prepared in advance.

Definitely you need to have in your home a suitable space for everything, that's why in Peru we went ahead and we wanted to give you this wonderful Home Week . We are sure that you will be delighted and why not? Pleased to find everything you are looking for within a click and with the prices you are willing to give for each of them, the best: brands and quality products.